Singapore: A Paradise For Family Destination

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Recently representatives of tourism board and private sectors of Singapore participated at a road show held in Parsian Azadi Hotel in Tehran. They presented the country`s ultra- modern infrastructure, skyscrapers, parks, metro lines – being built every day. Many of the projects showcase technologies that we may soon see in other countries.

Mr. Mohamed Firhan Abdul Salam, Area Director Middle East & Africa International Group Singapore Tourism Board in a brief interview with SAFAR magazine has indicated that Singapore welcomes Iranian families and couples who would have a lot of fun during their stay in Singapore.


What is your plan for attracting Iranian tourists in Singapore?

Singapore is a year-round destination that has an amazing concentration of experiences for the family, couples, group of friends and for the businessmen. From world class family attractions, entertainment and retail offerings to a vibrant events calendar and a unique blend of cultures and heritage evident from the food and people – all concentrated in a highly accessible and connected island city, Singapore has much to offer to the Iranian visitors.

With the recent developments, the Singapore Tourism Board hopes to welcome more Iranians to visit Singapore for both leisure and business purposes. We are working closely with the travel trade and media to increase the destination awareness through a series of Singapore roadshows that will be done in the coming years, regular familiarization trips and potentially some partnerships with the travel trade to actively drive more bookings and visits. We are excited by the new opportunities and look forward to growing the arrivals from Iran into Singapore in a sustained way in the coming years.

Regarding visa policy, is it possible to organize combined tour with neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and etc.

Singapore is strategically located in the heart of Southeast Asia making it very assessable by air, land and sea. We recognize that Singapore is often one of the several stops in an Iranian visitor’s trip to the Southeast Asia and that is perfectly fine as many of these destinations offer complementary to experiences in Singapore. Make Singapore the start and end point of your Southeast Asia stop as it is truly a gateway to the region. You can also cruise out of Singapore with the growing list of cruise liners home porting and sailing from our two cruise terminals. It is a good way to see Singapore and several of our Southeast Asian neighbours.

Please let us know latest record of incoming Iranians to Singapore?

Please see historical data that shows the healthy numbers in the early years before the sanctions were imposed. We are working closely with the travel trade and media to increase the numbers to past records and maybe even do better with the improving situation now.

Iranian Arrivals into Singapore
Year Total Arrivals
2007 14,235
2008 19,083
2009 23,917
2010 36,932
2011 32,430
2012 18,553
2013 10,956
2014 12,370
2015 12,267

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