Travel Stretches Can Make It Happened

By VirsaYoga : YouTuber

People who wanna see the world before they die should definitely make them fit first.

Here’s my few tips for you to try while traveling so that you can make your trip memorable with only happy moments.

  1. Upper body stretches are essential and few of them is head and shoulder rotations.
    If having a cervical issues could try half circle rotations without looking down others could try full moment.
    Simple shoulder rotations if you are in a sitting position or arm circles if you have a space around you.
    Make sure if you do clock wise moment you have to do anti-clockwise as well.
    No need to do so many numbers just few with slow and relaxing moments.
  2. Let your spine feels comfortable and cosy too with the help of some small sitting twisted stretches.
    You don’t need to stand or find a perfect place even you could do it when you are in the plan as well.
    One my favourite simple and comfortable moment.
  3. Most important is your clothes. Wear something loss when you travel.
    No need to wear tight jean or suits which is not helping your body to breath properly. But instead of that Wear something like pajamas or something which is comfortable for you. It will not only help your body to feel relax but will help your mind to be relax too.

So when your body and mind is fine then everything can be in under control.

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