IPD: Fast Track for International Patient

The Law book‭, ‬written by Avicenna‭, ‬an Iranian physician‭, ‬about 700‭ ‬years ago‭, ‬has been taught in scientific centres for many years‭. ‬

Even today‭, ‬Iranian medicine has maintained its global reputation‭. ‬Researchers have significant achievements in stem cell studies to diagnose and treat diseases‭. ‬One of these cases is the early diagnosis of cancer which humankind’s dreams always pursues‭. ‬In this situation‭, ‬the treatment will be easier and less expensive‭. ‬So‭, ‬life expectancy will also increase‭. ‬Targeted Therapy‭ ‬is followed in Iran in line with other prestigious scientific centres worldwide‭.‬

Iran has modern and well-equipped medical centres with expert and world-renowned human resources and is gradually becoming a major player in health and medical tourism in the Middle East region‭. ‬Every year at least 1‭ ‬million people travel to Iran to receive quality medical services‭. ‬The primary requests of treatment applicants are in skin and beauty services‭, ‬infertility treatment‭,‬‭ ‬ophthalmology‭, ‬cardiology‭, ‬and orthopaedic services‭.‬

Meanwhile‭, ‬the healing nature of Iran‭, ‬both in the mountainous and forested areas‭, ‬as well as in the desert and the coastal regions‭, ‬constantly presents new situations‭. ‬

Considering the high treatment capacities and frequent visits of international patients‭, ‬this issue of the‭ ‬explore Iran‭ ‬introduces Iran’s medical centres with the International Patient Department‭ (‬IPD‭) ‬certificate‭. ‬IPD certificate helps the applicants to follow the treatment process in the right direction‭.‬

Every applicant for treatment who travels to Iran must be admitted to centres with an IPD certificate so that the treatment path‭ ‬can be followed and completed in the best possible way and with professional protocols‭. ‬Undoubtedly‭, ‬this choice will bring them a better sense of satisfaction‭.‬

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