Pioneer to use  the most advanced medical equipment

Pars Specialty Hospital has a  60 -year record for a wide range of medical services in Tehran. It has been one of the first private hospitals in Iran to be established with forty beds and now has the highest rating in the latest accreditation done by Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

Dr Bahram Moazami, a specialist in obstetrics, gynaecology and infertility has been managing the Pars Specialty Hospital for over 20 years. He has always looked forward to the development of this hospital and equipped the hospital with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. Dr Moazami has made valuable strides in the path of Iranian medical development and gained one of the Best Physician of the Year awards at the Medical Celebrities Festival held in 2017.

Dr Moazami received his doctorate in medicine from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and completed all specialized courses at the London as well as  member of the Royal College of England. in an interview with “explore Iran” addresses his motivation thoughts that could be instructive for the medical community: 

“After coming to Iran, what I had, the Pars board of directors realized that if I took charge of the hospital, things would get better. Until now, so many medical types of equipment have been first used at Pars Hospital.”

Medical equipment first experienced in Pars Hospital

According to Dr Bahram Moazami: “For the first time in Iran, we established the new radiotherapy. Radiation therapy with cobalt was performed in the country at the time, which damaged healthy tissues and had many complications for the patient.

We also introduced the first LINAC in Iran from the United States, which was the new generation of radiotherapy in the world at that time as well.”

Dr Bahram Moazami continued: “Now is the time to end the treatment with LINAC, and today the treatment should be done with TomoTherapy System.

Pars Hospital launches Radixact an advanced TomoTherapy System, which is among the most revolutionary innovations in the history of cancer treatment, completely redefining the standard for individualized and precise treatment of tumours anywhere in the body – while creating a new paradigm for patient comfort and quality of life.

The first truly complete IGRT/IMRT solution, TomoTherapy combines integrated CT imaging for exceptional treatment accuracy with a first-of-its-kind helical treatment delivery platform that uses patented beam-shaping technology to precisely target tumours while minimizing the impact on surrounding healthy tissue. 

the TomoTherapy System is designed to safely and routinely deliver image-guided, intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IG-IMRT) for the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

The gynaecologist referred to another achievement of the hospital in the diagnosis of Down syndrome or trisomy 21 in embryo, saying: in the 11th to 13th weeks of pregnancy, the fat in the neck of the fetus was measured by Nuchal translucency (NT), along with blood tests. Other information is evaluated. These experiments, with a very high success rate, identify the risk of migraine (trisomy chromosome 21).

 and officially rescued 1400 families from having a disabled child.

 Dr Bahram Moazami said: ” genetic disorders of Trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome) and trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome) is diagnosed with the same test.” This work, which is currently being done in some Iranian laboratories, was first implemented in Pars Hospital Lab.

He also mentioned that the hospital has a medical research centre which is not compatible with private hospitals in Iran.

successes of the hospital’s research centre.

The only 3D laparoscopic device in the country has been utilised in Pars hospital which increased both speed and quality of surgery. “Our expertise in minimally invasive surgeries is that we remove the uterus within 30 minutes without opening the abdomen, while in many hospitals, even in Europe, it can take up to 3 hours,” says Dr Moazami.  There are currently about 12 operations per week, including laparoscopic cancers, at the Pars Specialty Hospital.

Top  medical achievements at Pars Hospital follows:

‬The top centre in Gynecology diagnosis and treatment with a zero rate of Maternal Mortality during 25 year

 The best one in the treatment of brain diseases and using Electrodes for the first time

 The best treatment centre for skeletal diseases and Orthopedics

 The comprehensive centre for beauty and Abdominal surgeries

 Being the first and only Hospital equipped with Epilepsy Monitoring and treatment Unite (EMU)

 The well-equipped hospital in Cardiac Diseases (Angiography and surgery)

 The most modern Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy departments

 The Best MRI and Imaging centre with unique equipment in the country

 Laboratory with the latest technology in diagnostic and Joint Venture with WAGNER STIBBE In Germany

 The first Research and Development centre in private Hospitals in the country

 Urodynamic department as the first medical centre in providing comprehensive treatment of Urinary incontinence

The best and well-equipped department for international Patients

PARS HOSPITAL is a complex of the best specialists and skilled & experienced personnel and tries to provide your satisfaction during the stay!

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