Launch of Farsi Tourism Professional Network in Spain

The global Persian-speaking community is scattered across a vast geographical area, including Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, and parts of Iraq, Pakistan and the Persian Gulf States. While the migration of many proficient Persian speakers from Iran to European countries, North America, and Canada has intensified in recent years, the Persian language remains a key element in the social interactions of Iranians in commercial, cultural, and social contexts.

Professor Jafar Jafari, a well-known figure and prominent tourism scholar

Recently, there has been a need to expand and enhance the scientific and professional aspects of tourism, as well as knowledge and experience exchange among Persian-speaking experts and professionals in this industry. To meet this demand, the Farsi Tourism Professional Network in Spain has been established for international scientific and cultural research.

The founder of this network is Professor Jafar Jafari, a well-known figure and prominent tourism scholar globally. He explains the goal of establishing this network as follows: For a long time, tourism professionals have sought to create a space for the exchange of ideas and communication among Persian speakers worldwide who are actively engaged in the scientific and practical aspects of tourism. The aim is to professionally connect and, in essence, bridge the language gap for scholarly and practical collaboration, allowing for specialized communication and the exchange of ideas and experiences.

The main headquarters of the Network is selected in Spain, and the charter of this network has been drafted and registered with the legal authorities of Spain. Mr. Jafari emphasizes that both Iranian and non-Iranian Persian speakers with expertise in tourism who are interested in participating in this network can collaborate. The scope of the association’s activities encompasses Persian speakers of any nationality located anywhere in the world.

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