RIXOS Hotels: Redefining Luxury

Meysam Salavati, the Director of Global Sales at RIXOS Hotels in Iran unravel the brand’s journey, global expansion, and groundbreaking projects that have set new benchmarks in the hospitality industry.

RIXOS Hotels Unveiled: A Global Powerhouse

With an impressive portfolio of 32 hotels spanning eight countries – Turkey, the UAE, Kazakhstan, Russia, Croatia, Egypt, Qatar, and Switzerland – RIXOS Hotels emerges as a global key player in the hospitality industry. Boasting a staggering bed capacity 18,000, the hotel chain is complemented by a distinctive theme park known as “The Land of Legends.”

Pioneering the “All Inclusive and All Exclusive” service concept since its inception in 2000, RIXOS is more than a hotel collection; it is a destination creator, redefining the essence of luxury travel experiences, as emphasized by Mr. Salavati.

Top-Tier Luxury Resorts

Establishing a top-tier luxury resort in a potential destination is not without its challenges. Mr Salavati shares insights into the delightful challenge of maintaining the unique services and standards of RIXOS Hotels, ensuring that each resort embodies the pinnacle of excellence. A prime example of this commitment is RIXOS Aktau, a unique landmark featuring an all-inclusive resort strategically located in the Caspian Sea, showcasing the brand’s prowess in pivotal projects like the Modern Silk Way.

The Land of Legends: A Global Phenomenon

At the forefront of global theme parks, The Land of Legends Antalya spans an impressive 1,350,000 square meters. Encompassing a hotel, theme parks, a shopping centre, and an aqua park boasting the world’s longest water slide at 485 meters, it stands as the epitome of luxury and entertainment.

Mr Salavati proudly highlights RIXOS Hotels’ ownership and management of theme parks, specifically branded as “The Land of Legends.” With ambitious plans for further global expansion, RIXOS aims to introduce this unique concept to other continents, enriching the global landscape of luxury hospitality.

Expanding Horizons: Qatar’s New Luxury Landmark

In 2022, RIXOS Gulf Doha emerged as the exclusive “All Inclusive All Exclusive” resort during the FIFA World Cup, marking its significance in Qatar. Looking ahead, Mr Salavati announces a new landmark in Qatar on Quetefand Island, featuring a luxury resort, a shopping centre, an aqua park with the world’s tallest waterslide, and a vibrant mix of cafes, restaurants, and bars. This initiative is poised to redefine Qatar as a sought-after destination, strategically targeting guests from key source markets, including CIS, GCC, Western and Eastern Europe, and Iran.

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