Iran and its beauties

Homayoun Zarghany– Up to 1935‭, ‬the Europeans knew Iran as Persia‭. ‬Sprawling on 1,648,195‭ ‬square kilometers‭, ‬Iran covers a large segment of Southeast‭ ‬Asia and connects the Arab world‭, ‬Central…

The Land of Storytellers

Hospitality stands as a longstanding tradition among Iranians‭, ‬deeply rooted in a rich cultural heritage and historical backdrop‭ ‬that has played a pivotal role in shaping Iranian society across the…

Public Diplomacy and Sustainable Tourism for Peace

Tourism is an indicator of the security and development of societies. Countries that have provided more safety, facilities, and prosperity for tourists have become tourist destinations and more " soft power. "

Tourism in fever

The coronavirus pandemic has made a big halt on the tourism industry in the world. So, Iran is not exceptional in these situations. The country tourism activists are suffering severely from the consequence.

Variety of programs on the agenda

The Iranian parliament approved the establishment of the Ministry of Tourism in case of promoting tourism business in October 2019. The new Ministry of Tourism in the country is going to have better funding and more trustworthy development plans. Iran's tourism industry is one of the priorities of the Iranian government to create jobs and generate more revenue from this sector.

The Glory of Persian Art

Why are Persian artworks so universal? Undoubtedly, these works inspire the aesthetic sense with elegance and simplicity to the audience. High-quality raw materials, of course, are the key factor. Handicrafts and artworks refer to handmade artistic products which use natural elements. In the process of production, the passion and feeling of the artist are evident in the creation of handicrafts, reflect the customs, traditions, culture and art of the local area.

Feel Iran ” The Global Shine of a startup “

In order to get acquainted with Iran’s tourist attractions, a startup, in collaboration with Ali Reza Aghasi and Hoda Rostami, invited a group of professional and worldwide influencers on a…

5 space-saving hacks to pack your luggage

Last-minute panic packers, rejoice!, the leading online platform for household services in the Middle East, has come up with five simple hacks to help you pack with ease so you…

Silk Road countries meet in Iran to advance tourism

Fourteen Silk Road countries met in Iran recently to discuss the development of tourism along the ancient trade route. The sixth UNWTO Silk Road Task Force Meeting was hosted in…

Iran National Museum bridges to past envents

Ahmad‭ ‬Sebt‭ ‬Hosseini– Historical museums are bridges to past events‭, ‬linking our time to the previous centuries and creating an environment of learning‭.‬ Many people point to the establishment of…