The Land of Storytellers

Homayoun Zarghani, Investigative Journalist

Hospitality stands as a longstanding tradition among Iranians‭, ‬deeply rooted in a rich cultural heritage and historical backdrop‭ ‬that has played a pivotal role in shaping Iranian society across the centuries‭. ‬In the 17th century‭, ‬French traveller Jean Chardin‭, ‬throughout his six-year journey across Iran‭, ‬spotlighted the hospitality‭, ‬road safety‭, ‬numerous schools‭, ‬and the exceptional architecture and handicrafts of Iranians in his historical travelogue‭. ‬Today‭, ‬travellers exploring Iran often describe this journey as one of their most cherished experiences‭.‬

Beyond mere hospitality‭, ‬visiting Iran immerses you in a profound history and the unique origins of Iranian architecture‭, ‬which has subsequently influenced neighbouring countries and Central Asia‭. ‬Arthur Upham Pope‭, ‬dedicating 50‭ ‬years to Iranian art‭, ‬underscored that Iranian architecture boasts a continuous history spanning 6000‭ ‬years‭, ‬encompassing everything from peasant cottages and coffeehouses to the most exquisite and marvellous buildings and mosques the world‭ ‬has witnessed‭. ‬The essence of Iranian architectural aesthetics lies in their expansive communication network‭, ‬reflecting philosophical and religious concepts from its inception‭, ‬enabling humans to connect with celestial forces‭.‬

Currently‭, ‬27‭ ‬historical‭, ‬natural‭, ‬and cultural sites in Iran are designated as UNESCO World Heritage‭, ‬positioning the country among the top 10‭ ‬globally for historical richness‭. ‬Upon travelling to Iran‭, ‬one discovers it as a land of storytellers‭. ‬The delicate Iranian spirit eloquently captures its essence through poetry‭, ‬earning Iran global recognition as the land of poetry and poets‭. ‬From the era of Zoroaster to the present‭, ‬Iranians have conveyed their thoughts‭, ‬history‭, ‬and global mission through poetry‭, ‬commencing with the hymns of the Gathas‭, ‬as poetry remains the language of dreams and aspirations for this nation‭.‬

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