Sabzi Khordan, Herb and Cheese Plate

No Persian Food is complete without a dish of sabzi Khordan, or edible herbs.

The plate can include mint, tarragon, basil and cilantro, alongside scallions, radishes, walnuts, feta cheese and Iranian nan (flatbread).

Simply tear off a piece of flatbread, tuck a bit of the Herb and cheese and other garnishes inside, and fold it up like a rustic sandwich. The plate stays on the table throughout the meal, and the herbs are a crunchy palate cleanser between bites of stew and rice.

Fresh and dried green herbs are eaten daily in Iran.

The Zoroastrian new year Norooz celebrates rebirth and renewal, and the Norooz menu includes several dishes made with green herbs representing new life, including rice with herbs, a herb omelette and the herb platter.

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