Significant Medical Achievements

Dr Seyed Kazem Chabock, an orthopedist, knee surgeon, specialist in arthroscopy and sport traumatology, the chairman and managing director of Ordibehesht hospital

When we mention Shiraz as medical tourism hub in Iran, the specialty and subspecialty role of Ordibehesht hospital is so remarkable. The hospital has been accredited as the first-class medical center since 2003. This hospital is one of the 20 superior hospitals in the country, which has made important achievements in medical tourism approaches.

Since 2008, the hospital gained a global standard and received the International Patient Department (IPD) certificate in 2016 which enables the medical team to accept international patients in a professional and systematic approach for treatment.   

Dr Seyed Kazem Chabock, an orthopedist, knee surgeon, specialist in arthroscopy and sport traumatology, the chairman and managing director of Ordibehesht hospital presents the most Iranian medical capabilities in an exclusive interview with Explore Iran.

What surgical operations in Ordibehesht Hospital in Shiraz  are attractive for international applicants for treatment? How qualified are the medical staff as well?

The medical staff approach relies on highly specialized surgical operations at the same level of international medical criteria. The quality of surgical services is always the first priority of this team, so the Ordibehesht hospital in Shiraz has always been the leading provider of advanced treatment methods and special surgical procedures in south of Iran.

The orthopedic section of the hospital has been run by myself for the first time with a specialized knee arthroscopic surgeries.

Today, a variety of surgical operations, including replacement of shoulder, hip, knee, and hand joints, as well as arthroscopic surgeries of upper and lower limb joints, and length increase are performed in Ordibehesht Hospital.

In this hospital, the meniscus, tendon and bone tissues stored from brain death patients’ body are used when needed.

It is necessary to mention that the first meniscus transplantation in the country has been carried out by myself with an arthroscopic method in this centre.

Ophthalmology department of this hospital has a very high standard of medical equipment. Expert specialists such as Dr Ramin Salotti and Hussein Ashraf are cooperating in this center. Very advanced equipment, such as the SMILE Device, in the south of Iran, exist only in this hospital. It can be said that the ultra-specialized hospital in Shiraz is unique in south of the country.

In brain angiography section, less invasive surgical operations are performed to treat the brain tumors by Dr Rahmanian, who is technically one of the most advanced and famous specialists (embolization of tumors).

In cardiovascular angiography section, we have Dr Mohammad Ali Ostovan, cardiovascular subspecialist ,a well-known physician, who performs less invasive cardiac surgeries and treatment of abdominal aortic abnormalities. His mastery is so popular.

open heart surgery is done by Dr Mohammad Hassan Nemati, who is pioneer in cardiac transplantation. In this operation, endoscopic and less invasive methods are used to remove arteries and veins. Even in capital hospitals, these methods are not widely used.

This hospital is record holder of transplantation of amputated limb and leg in the country.

A total of 25 patients had successful transplantation of complete above wrist amputations and 300 patients with completely amputated fingers transplanted successfully by Dr Omid Liaghat in this hospital. This hospital is also pioneer in transplanting the arm in 13-month patient.

In the treatment of metabolic diseases and obesity, we have a complete setting of laparoscopic subspecialty surgeries such as laparoscopic sleeve gasterectomy and bypass. There are significant number of international patients who referred to our hospital due to best performance of our surgeons and advanced devices and the least complications after surgeries.

In obstetrics and gynecology section, laparoscopic surgeries are performed by the best specialists in this field such as Mrs Dr Kazeroni and Dr Kasaian who is also one of the founders of Ordibehesht Hospital. Painless delivery is performed in obstetrics Department.

In general surgeries section special surgeries such as tumors, internal, abdominal, facial and breast surgeries, advanced laparoscopic surgery, and limb reconstruction have been carried out by surgeons using the most advanced methods and modern devices.

In urology and kidney diseases, our specialists are able to extract huge stones using the newest endoscopic methods, “Shock-wave”, that is one of the most advanced technologies worldwide today.

Our anesthesiologists with high knowledge and skills in the fields of cardiology, transplantation and neurosurgeries, use the most modern equipment to make high risk surgeries easier. .

In addition to mentioned medical services, this hospital also has cardiac surgery ICU, general ICU and CCU wards.

This hospital is always trying to do novel procedures. For example, in this hospital, there is a center for studying and treating sleep disorders under the supervision of Dr Sharafkhaneh and Mrs Dr Tvallaei, who have achieved specific methods.

Which opportunities have  International Patient Department (IPD) certificate made for Ordibehesht Hospital to attract international patients?  which medical approach  has the most international patients in your hospitl?

We received IPD certificate along with some other hospitals in Shiraz last year (2017). But Ordibehesht Hospital is the only medical centre in Shiraz that has renewed this certificate this year (2018). 

In Ordibehesht hospital, a serious strategy is defined for medical tourism marketing. We rely on the capability of our team and hospital and I am sure we will be very efficient in international patients’ treatment. Another approach is participating in special medical tourism approach both in and out of Iran.

According to the strategic plan, during 2018, about 700 international patients were treated in Ordibehesht Hospital. The most frequent referral of International patients was to the ophthalmology and orthopedic departments respectively.

Ordibehesht Hospital is the only medical centre in Shiraz that has renewed International Patient Department (IPD) certificate this year (2018).

Which factors may be more attractive for foreign patients to have treatment in Iran? Price or quality of treatment?

I believe that the quality of medical approaches in Iran is the most important  factor for patients. In Ordibehesht Hospital, we have cutting-edge facilities. We constituted the first 4k and endovision arthroscopic system in Iran.

If there is any limitation or prohibition for organ transplantation in foreign patients?

We do not perform organ transplants in Ordibehesht Hospital. This limitations are related to heart, liver, kidney, etc. transplantation which is not in our scope.

We are proud of that we have alograft bank of tissues such as tendons, meniscus, bones, etc. In the Ordibehesht Hospital, e achieved remarkable consequences in tissue transplantation with cooperating of Kish replication company.

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