New Tourism Destinations in Malaysia Introduced

The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture of Malaysia announced that the country’s borders were opened to foreign tourists after a two-year hiatus due to the corona pandemic.

In conferences organized by the Tehran Office of the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, in cooperation with Qatar Airways in the cities of Mashhad and Isfahan, further details on the reopening of Malaysia’s borders to foreign tourists were explained.

At the Isfahan conference, which was held at the Aseman Hotel on Tuesday, April 19, with the presence of representatives from the travel agencies, Mohd Nizam Halimi, the first secretary and head of the chancery of the Malaysian Embassy in Tehran, welcomed the attendants and explained tourism potential of Malaysia to attract foreign tourists.

Then, Farhad Jafari, the marketing manager of the Ministry of Tourism of Malaysia in Tehran, explained the latest entry conditions in Malaysia, new destinations and new routes to tourism destinations in the country.

Jafari spoke about the reopening of the “Genting Highlands” entertainment complex, which after six years of reconstruction and renovation, was rebuilt in February 2022 with amazing attractions.

During the reconstruction of the complex, both indoor and outdoor amusement parks the complex, as well as the shopping centre and cable car cabins have been completely renovated.

Jafari mentioned the beaches of Desaru in southeastern Malaysia, bordering Singapore, as a new tourist destination for Iranian tourists.

Desaru beaches are four hours by land from Kuala Lumpur and have new beach hotels, a shopping mall as well as a very large and fun water park for families. In the ceremony, the representative of Qatar Airways also explained the latest status of Qatari flights to Iran and flight accesses from Iranian cities to various destinations in Malaysia.

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