Amazing Thailand SHA promotes health and wellbeing in Thailand

Bangkok, 13 January, 2021 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) remains confident that the Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA) programme continues to promote health and well-being for all in the kingdom.

The Amazing Thailand SHA certification is an important safety net in Thailand during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, providing peace-of-mind to everyone as it covers mixed used establishments that cater to all walks of life.

The project is a public-private sector co-operation between the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, TAT, the Ministry of Public Health (Department of Disease Control, Department of Health, and Department of Health Service Support), as well as other tourism-related government and private sector organisations.

From May 2020, until present, a total of 7,989 businesses and entrepreneurs in 10 key sectors across the country have been awarded the Amazing Thailand SHA certificate. The number is continuing to rise on a monthly basis.

Of the 10 key sectors under the Amazing Thailand SHA, hotels/accommodation and convention centres are the leading one to date, with 2,997 establishments having officially received Amazing Thailand SHA certification.

Restaurants/food outlets is second with 2,156 establishments having been officially Amazing Thailand SHA certified.

For the travel agent/tour operator sector, Amazing Thailand SHA certificates have been given to 870 business and entrepreneurs.

The tourist transport vehicle sector is in fourth place with 498 outlets having received Amazing Thailand SHA certification.

This is followed by recreation and tourist attractions (399), health and beauty parlours (396), souvenir shops and other stores (308), department stores and shopping centres (184), theatres/cinemas (104), and sports venues for tourism (74).

Before being certified and allowed to display the Amazing Thailand SHA logo, all establishments must undergo strict audits by the specially appointed committee comprising various boards, federations and associations in the tourism industry. This includes inspecting the checklist and certifying the result of improving a workplace according to the SHA standard of hygiene, health and cleanliness for the entire premises, equipment, and operational staff.

The Amazing Thailand SHA logo is important because it represents a mark of quality certification for service standards and hygiene, showing that not only has the establishment passed the initial certification process, but also has regular audits to ensure continued compliance.

There are two audit methods: a random inspection by the Committee and a Voice of Customer (VOC) user satisfaction survey. Guests are encouraged to scan a QR code on the establishment’s Amazing Thailand SHA logo and fill out a questionnaire to report any questionable practices. This helps boost consumer confidence that businesses or services are complying with the rules and regulations on an ongoing basis.

The Amazing Thailand SHA logo is valid for two years, with all the names of the accredited establishments entered into a database and if any violations are reported, the certification and logo are revoked.

TAT has also established information sharing and accessibility via the Amazing Thailand SHA for the travelling public, by sending SMS messages in Thai, English, and Chinese using the Travel Sim Card to help keep visitors up-to-date on the latest fast-breaking news.

For the latest updates and a complete list of all businesses and attractions that can display the Amazing Thailand SHA logo, go to

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